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Sitecore Desktop Database selection shows duplicate or non-existent database

Do you see multiple instance of db listed in the database switcher on Sitecore Desktop after migrating to Sitecore 9. Hope I am not alone with this issue. After some search, I came to know that's a common issue, if you dont take care of the config files as a part of the migration. The following places can help you identify the issue.

  • Connection String
    Ensure the ConnectionStrings.config has valid entries and no duplicates. Mostly we will have this valid. The next place to hit is the showconfig.aspx which had been always a life saver.

  • Showconfig.aspx
    Open /sitecore/admin/ShowConfig.aspx from your instance and do a search for the <database id="dbname" or just id="dbname". In my case dbname was master, Find the non existent or Duplicate node, once discovered identify the source something like patch:source="Sitecore.Buckets.config"> on the end.

Found the duplicate entry from a invalid patch.

Lets fix the patch file to update the attributes and not to add a duplicate entry.