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Chrome OS Review

Today I got a chance to preview Chrome OS and I would like to share the experience.

Downloaded the chrome VM and loaded it on my PC.

It didn't login at first and finally found the trick to use the login name chromium to login.

  • Google Chrome OS focuses on three things Speed, Simplicity, Security
  • All data on Chrome OS is in the cloud
  • Chrome OS looks like Chrome browser
  • User data on machine is always encrypted and always synced to the cloud – local data is just a cache
  • Cold reboot demo – to logon screen in 7 sec, full OS in another 3 sec
  • It can be used on Netbooks.
  • Chrome OS is open source and you can download it from here

VM download - http://gdgt.com/google/chrome-os/download/

Direct VM - http://tiny.cc/4iOOw