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2020 a year we want to be over. Wish everything was well with you and your family during this tough times. Let's look at the positive things for a moment. Virtual became the new normal, which helped to make virtual meetups. The virtual Meetups opened up people to attend from anywhere from the world. We get to spend more time with family. Save time and reduce pollution, spend time on learning and sharing the knowledge. Measuring helps in greater success, my contributions for the Sitecore Community this year.

Thank you to my family in supporting my efforts in running the user groups in the evenings after work.
Thank you to the awesome community and everyone for the support.




  • Sitecore Experience Solution 9.3 Developer
  • Sitecore 8.2 Professional Devleoper


Blog Posts

Sitecore Bugs

I was able to log Sitecore bugs part of my migration.

  • 185485 Experience Editor Performance
  • 197548 Sitecore 9.1 Unable to add components in experience editor
  • 249771 SOLR Query Error
  • 305016 SOLR Web Indexing Error
  • 349705 Path analyzer site level filters not working
  • 369771 Admin support package generator logs issue
  • 223702 When logging Sitecore indicates "Error: An error occurred"

Offline Activities

  • I am driving the Sitecore training initiative in Computer Enterprises Inc. Mentoring college graduates onshore and Cross train .NET developers off shore.
  • Guide and help Developers for training and certification (LinkedIn and Twitter)


  • Symposium 2020
  • All Pittsburgh SUG
  • Most of the SUG Boston/ Queen City/ Cleveland meetups
  • Most of the Sitecore Lunches
  • Slack and Stack overflow
  • Hackathon

Pittsburgh Sitecore User Group (PGHSUG)

11 Meetups
173 Members
19 RSVP (Average)
12 Participation (Average)


PGHSUG Channel (Pittsburgh Sitecore User Group)

2021 Goals

Explore and contribute

  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • AI Personalization
  • Content Hub
  • Sitecore 10+


  • Monthly meetups with Pittsburgh Sitecore User Group

Share the Knowledge

  • Open source module
  • SUG Meetup
  • YouTube Videos
  • Blogs
  • Sitecore Symposium 2021

These times are hard but they will pass. Take one day at a time and lets keep moving.

Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash